Nasla Shaji

Bio: GOD'S GRANDEUR MY TREKS IN THE DESERT LAND TRIPS TO WILDERNESS Trip to wilderness- whether it is to the lush greenery or to the harsh and scorching deserts- is equally joyous and beneficial. In fact, trips give us actual experience which may be even capable of changing our notion towards the world and its wonders. Many of the wonderful moments we often share, certainly have a connection with any of the trips we conducted. Hence, the excitement they inflame in us helps us to feel even closer to nature. In my point of view, each of the outings we set is an experience as well as a quest around the earth carved by God’s own hand. The loftiness and nobility in his artistry inflame the excitement both in my mind and in front of my lens. When such colourful excitement decorates my album, the only thought which troubles me is ‘how to utilise such pieces of information better in order to help others to explore these areas’. With this humble beginning, I try to answer such queries. In other words, this is a transfer of information from my travel experience to everyone who loves the same….

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